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From: (Steven E Barnes)
Subject: Blue Lunes
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 Dec 93 19:02:53 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2683

These are described in Troll Gods (cults book), page 11.
They are called Selenes, and their power is to automatically
drain 1 magic point per round from those engulfed by it.


And they are invisible too...


From: (Sandy Petersen)
Subject: re: RQ Dailyi
Message-ID: <>
Date: 18 Dec 93 04:49:11 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2684

I said: 

>[Umath's sons] are traditionally five in number: Umbrol, Vadrus,  
>Storm Bull, Humakt, and Orlanth.

Brandon Brylawski points out: 

>I bow to your knowledge in this instance. What happened to Kolat? 

Oops. I meant Kolat, not Umbrol. Mea maxima culpa. Umbrol is a  
descendent of Kolat. (That "son of" stuff is a real pain.)

You said you used a Gagarth and Valind item to contact Umath on a  
heroquest. It makes sense that one of Vadrus's descendents would do  
the trick, if you needed something from each of Umath's kids. 

Joerg Baumgartner says: 

>I understood that Sog was a favorite deity of the Waertagi.

Nick Brooke comments on this, too. I surrender. Sog is Waertagi, not  
God Learner. But the origin of the god and the name of the ruins are  
still the same. And it was still a God Learner port. So there. 

>But then in 945 or so, less than 8 years before the Closing, the  
>Waertagi released Sog (or his father Tidal Wave?) on Jrustela and  
>sank most of it.
Or more probably Sog's uncle, Island Gulper. No?

>Which part of Kethaela had this Sog City?
I think it was in the Seaward arm, in the "ocean" section of  

Nick Brooke says: (re: statements that Ragnaglar is not an actual son  
of Umath)

>On the other hand, Ragnaglar is also described as Storm Bull's  

There are lots of peoples in the world in which the sons of your  
father's brother are also your brothers. Arachne Solara only knows  
what the kinship routines of the Theyalans were like before the Dawn.  
Because the nice neat five-fold nature of Umath's sons, I prefer  
Ragnaglar as a nephew or cousin to Storm Bull. Perhaps the  
relationship is unclear because of muddled kinship relations. Maybe  
Ragnaglar is the son of Storm Bull's mother, fathered by Vadrus? That  
would make him both a nephew and a brother. I'll have to think how it  
could be further muddled into being a cousin as well. 

Rich Staats says:
>Is illumination truly a way of integrating Chaos into the natural
>order of Glorantha or is it just some "cheaty" Chaos trick? 

Only Lunar propagandists who actually believe that they are lying say  
that Illumination "cleanses" chaos (they do this in an attempt to  
fool Storm Bulls). Most all philosophers, Lunar included, agree that  
Illumination is a facet of Chaos, though possibly benign. That  
"possibly benign" is, of course what the Hero Wars are being fought