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From: (johnjmedway)
Subject: More on HotB
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Date: 25 Jan 94 00:39:08 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2889

More on morons ( Boldhome Lunar High Command ) and other RQ-Con stupf

Rune in X-RQ-ID: 2840
>>         Very the Emperor's personal representative I was
>>  going to use the Imperial Warrant to have you all removed from power and
>>  appoint General Cassius as governor. Guess I should have appointed
>>  myself, instead! 8^>}

You could have appointed the guy who ran Geos. It wouldn't have made 
that much of a difference. 

Of course, if you had confided in me, I could have provided you 
with all of the information necessary to make a wise decision, and 
clearly state all charges to be presented on indictments. I had 
taken clear notes of all of the improprieties of Gordius, um, uh,
for just such a purpose as, um, uh, informing the authorities of 
his treasons and incompetance.

Mike Dawson cleverly disguised as Kirsten K. Nieman in X-RQ-ID: 2844
>>  suppose he thought I was a good choice for a tour. What he didn't
>>  know is that Harvar has the blood of Sartar through a distant
>>  realtive, and also believed that an ancient prophecy suggestted that
>>  Harvar might be able to unify Sartar personally.

We probably should have let you. OOPS! Prince Temertain just fell
off of the rampart. Well, Harvar, busy tonight? we need to talk...

>>  or another. It seemed pretty clear that HotB was intended for the
>>  Lunars to lose. It makes a better story that way, after all.

Even if it wasn't - we would have!

ANDERSJC@howdy.Princeton.EDU in X-RQ-ID: 2868
>>  We had a wonderful time at RuneQuest-Con; I especially enjoyed Home
>>  of the Bold.  Is there any way of getting the real
>>  names to match the characters in HotB (and their e-mail addresses if
>>  available) so we can contine to correspond with our fellow

I suggested this to Messrs. Hall and Gadbois as well.
I'm sure it will come out in the book of write-ups, at least.

>>  Things the Lunars Did Wrong:

1. Everything.

Well, that's my list.

>>  2.  Blatantly obvious spies who shall remain nameless.

Do you mean the blatantly obvious spymasters ( David & myself ), or our
inept toadies?

>>  Unfortunately, my GM/husband runs much more efficient Lunars ...

It's not the same without the paperwork. I think my players are going
to start having a far easier time of it. Admittedly, we had a particularly
badly run administration, but it hinted at the hurdles which even members
of a better-run outfit will need to jump.

David Dunham in X-RQ-ID: 2850
>>  >From: (johnjmedway)
>>  >Home of the Bold: Glorious Incompetence and Magnificent Decadence
>>  >
>>  >No, I don't mean David Hall and Kevin Jacklyn, when I say incompetent.
>>  >I mean MOB and the rest of us running the Lunar High Command. We did 
>>  >have some flashes of brilliance, such as the great poll tax/vote-rigging 
>>  >scam of MOB's and Susan's and mine.
>>  Hey, give me some of the credit for the Lunar High Command incompetence.
>>  While I was pretty good at forcing Orlanth sympathizers to use up their
>>  teleports, I was pretty clueless as to what was going on.

No problem, there's plenty left for you and I. We were the ears and eyes 
of the Provost. That had a lot to do with the feeling that the whole 
Lunar command was wandering around with a white cane. 

And also remember - we did this well because you and I were cooperating! 
Imagine if we had worked against each other as much as we were supposed!

It will be interesting to see what will be uncovered in reports from 
"survivors" and from "found diaries" of others, etc.

Come to think of it, Magnyrd, did you survive? (evil snicker)

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Subject: Humakt HeroQuest?
Message-ID: <>
Date: 25 Jan 94 01:00:32 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2890

Subject: Humakt HeroQuest

I to was surprised that Greg Stafford could find no Humakti willing to follow
the HeroQuest that guaranteed he'd meet his God. Presumably this quest would
be the culmination of a 'good' Humakti's life. It would seem obvious that to
die during a  ritual pursuit of your God's ideals would be to die in that
God's favor. What would be the excuse to refuse such a quest? Sorry Humakt,
I've better things to do. I don't think so.

Would someone please help me understand? 
I didn't feel there was enough disagreement about this at RQ Con. Perhaps I
have a different read on what makes a good Humakti. I'd felt an absolute
disregard for death is a prime requisite. Isn't it? 

If your God is death personified, fearing death is fearing the power that
makes your God 'special'. If you are a good Humakti then your God holds your
life in his hands. You could easily believe that you could not die without
your God's consent. If you are fated to die, you can't avoid it... and if you
are fated to live, you can't d
ie. The choice is not yours, it is Humakt's.

Help me understand. Where have I gone wrong?