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From: (Paul Reilly)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Wed, 26 Jan 1994, part 1
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Date: 26 Jan 94 21:31:24 GMT
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  Paul Reilly here.

  Comments on Hsunchen / Praxians.

  Sandy writes:

>1) No Hsunchen eat their cult animals. They are kin, not prey.

  I am kind of disappointed.  As far as I know, I have never seen this in a
published source.  THe reason that this makes me sad is that we like to use
a Rathori adaptation of the tremendous Ainu (and other) bear-ritual, where
the bear is an honored guest at a feast where he is also the main course.
It's really great from a ritual point of view, with the bear's head getting
fed the first portion of himself, etc.  He is thanked for providing the meat for
the feast.  Judging by evidence from caves in Central Europe, this sort of 
rituyal may go back to the era of the cave bear (40,000 BP).

>3) Ancestor Worship is NOT the same as Hsunchen worship, and in fact  
>is quite different in both form and beliefs. 

  Agree.  DId someone say they were alike?  I missed this.

  On the other hand, some Hsunchen may believe in ancestral protectors.

>4) Hsunchen believe that they are descendents of their animals. The  
>Praxians very clearly are not.

  I think a God Learner might disagree here.  Impala people are small, Bison
people are large, etc.  Their social structures are similar to those of
their animals (source: Sandy Petersen.)  A case could be made that the
ancestors before the Split (the Survival Pact, whatever) were not fixed
to either human or animal form.  SHape was floppier back then, anyway.

>5) Hsunchen is a religion, not a racial type.
  I thought the vast majority of Hsunchen were races as well as X-worshippers.
(X = Telmor, Sofal, etc.)  Are many people converted to Hsunchen religions
outside of those born into Hsunchen clans?

> IF (and only IF) the  
> Praxians were once Hsunchen way back before the Gods War, they are  
> certainly no longer such in any degree.

  Agree almost completely.  Can't some Praxian shamans manifest features of
their tribal animal?  Or is that just in our own campaigns?  In NOMAD GODS,
don't incarnations of tribal ancestors/ Waha appear as human with appropriate
animal heads?  This could be a Hsunchen holdover.  In any case, the split
(if there was one) is Pre-Time  and thus has been incorporated utterly into
the current Nature of Things.

  People don't even realize anymore that most Orlanthi are descended from
sheep and cattle Hsunchen  :-)


From: henkl@yelm (Henk Langeveld - Sun Nederland)
Subject: Activity on the Playtest Discussion list
Message-ID: <9401262236.AA02243@yelm.Holland.Sun.COM>
Date: 27 Jan 94 00:36:14 GMT
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For those people interested in current RQ developments,
there's a very lively discussion on the RQ-Playtest
list as maintained by Loren Miller.

You can subscribe by sending a message to, and

tell it: subscribe rq-playtest Your Full Name

Beware: This is a non-digested mailing list.
Which does of course have the advantage of 
not having to wait for your first message.


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From: (David Dunham)
Subject: Golden Bow (Jardan)
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Date: 27 Jan 94 05:13:19 GMT
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>From: MAB@SAVAX750.RUTHERFORD.AC.UK (Mystic Musk Ox)
>Subject: cult info for ftp'ing
>>Quite a while ago someone on the mail list posted a whole lot of cult
>>information to a ftp site. At the time I did not have full internet access so
>>I didn't pay much attention. Now that I do have access can someone please
>>e-mail me the ftp site and the file name(s). Thanks!!
>I would also like to see this information! I know of the stuff on 
> (Hippoi, Gyzar, Golden Bow)

I still don't have full Internet access, but would love to see Golden Bow
if someone could mail it to me.

I just worked out my summary version of the Grazer's Jardan cult. Here it
is, in RQ: Adventures in Glorantha format (with some additions).

Jardan  [Fire, Death]
The Warrior
Worshippers: Grazer men of the Warrior age group
Requirements: 50% skill in Bow, First Aid, Scan, Search
Skills: Bow Attack, Craft/Battle, First Aid, Lance Attack, Ride Horse,
Scan, Search, Shield Parry, Spear Attack, Yu-Kargzant Lore
Duties: Defending the clan, gaining plunder
Virtues: Valorous, Energetic, Proud, Honest, Forgiving
Cult Magic: Bladesharp, Coordination 2/4/6, Demoralize, Detect Enemies,
Disruption, Firearrow, Fireblade, Heal 2/4/6, Ignite, Mobility 2/4/6,
Multimissile 2/4/6, Protection 1/2/4, Speedart
Divine Magic: all common, Enchant Iron, Flamebow, Pureshot, Shield, Truespear
Rune Lords: 90% in Bow, Ride Horse, and three of Craft/Battle, Lance
Attack, Scan, Shield Parry, Weapon Attack; know Firearrow
Associated Cults: Hyalor (Command Horse), Yu-Kargzant (Sureshot)
Miscellaneous: May learn Dastal spells as a lay member.
        The Brotherhood of the Golden Bow is an elite group of warriors.
Among its requirements are 90% with Bow and Ride Horse.