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From: (Graeme A Lindsell)
Subject: Humakt, Dorastor, Illumination...
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Date: 1 Feb 94 23:14:02 GMT
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Bryan J. Maloney writes:

> In Dorastor, Humakt took a different aspect.  There he is DEATH first
> and foremost, death with honor but DEATH, nonetheless.  He is the
> inescapable and terrible TRUTH of DEATH that haunts all beings and
> claims all things. I am of the opinion that this aspect is not just
> Dorastor's but is the more commonly known aspect of Humakt throughout
> Carmania (Dara Happa) ... a terrible, grim being, devoid of mercy,
> devoid of pity

 I think that this may be believed by the Orlanthi of Talastar as
well: there are no Humakti around Hazard Fort, and none mentioned in
CoT. I suspect there are more Storm Bulls to make up for it (:-)), and 
they take on similar roles to the Humakti. Humakt seemed to be rather 
downgraded as an Orlanthi god in KoS as well, though this might be 
explained by Greg's apparent dislike of the cult

 I've just started GMing the Riskland campaign, and one of the players
is playing a Sartarite Humakti. He seems very upset that there are no
Humakti temples around at all, and is puzzled by the strange looks people
are giving the Death Rune tatoo on his face. I told the player that there 
aren't any Humakti in this campaign (after he generated his character) but 
of course I lied. Ralzakark's bodyguard, Platewalker, maybe the lone Yarnafil
Tarnils at Hazard Fort will suggest worshipping at his temple instead...

MOB provides the
>Mercenary Contract of Leonidas the Short, Wind Voice

 Just a comment: you'd have to be pretty dim to sign this.

Devin Cutler writes:
> 1) Can illumination be reversed?

 It seems to be more an insight into the nature of Glorantha rather than
a magical effect or illness that can be "cured". You can try to ignore
it like Nick suggests. It might be more helpful to try other philosophies
as well, which is what the Kralorelans seem to do. There is also the question
as to whether the other philosophies of Glorantha possess similar insights
with strange effects. The "RuneQuest Sight" of the God Learners seems to have
been such a philosophy.

 Graeme Lindsell a.k.a 
"When Stalin says dance, the wise man dances"  N.Khrushchev


From: (David Dunham)
Subject: Hsunchen/not; Humakt quest
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Date: 1 Feb 94 07:26:04 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2960

Joerg quoted:
>The Telmori "hold permanent rivalries only with the dog-people of 
>Balazar and the cat-people of Dragon Pass."

To which I reply, it's obvious that the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass keep cats
as pets/allies, and it's also pretty apparent that the Balazarings do the
same with dogs.

You do raise a good point that Hsunchen are never domestic animals.
(Assuming that the Galanini are wild horses and the Kralorelan Hsunchen are
wild yaks, and the Uncolings are really caribou, not reindeer [reindeer are
domesticated caribou].)

>Subject: HeroQuesting again          (by Paul Harmaty)
>At RQ-Con Greg Stafford stated he could find no Humakti willing to go on a
>Humakt HeroQuest where he is guaranteed to meet Humakt (and thereby die). 
>So.... given that it would have to be a noble cause / righteous
> death / yada, yada... what would cause a true believer to avoid this

Not really being a true believer.