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Subject: RuneQuest Daily, Tue, 08 Feb 1994, part 1
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From: (Eric Rowe)
Subject: Stephen Martin's Gloranthan Indexes
Message-ID: <>
Date: 6 Feb 94 18:55:38 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3044

I am now in possession of Steve Martin's indexes.  When they are
all cleaned up they will be archived on soda.  Since they will
probably take up the space of 8 full dailies I will send them
to Henk to do with as he pleases (probably put them in Digest form).

What I currently have is a master index of all Maps and locations
for all official Gloranthan published sources.  In addition there
is an index of all published Genealogies.



From: (pearse_w_r)
Subject: RQ/Tekumel
Message-ID: <9402071236.AA16670@Sun.COM>
Date: 7 Feb 94 12:36:25 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3045

Thank you, Loren for posting the Belkhanu spells.  It's great to have 
a complete set, particularly since S&G2 is out of print.  Thanks also 
for the useful comments you made on the RQ-Tekumel rules.
Thanks to Sandy for posting the monsters.  I've not yet read them all, 
but it's all very valuable. 

Sandy,  Can I really stick my neck out, and enquire 
if you did any conversions for 'Eyes', and other magical 
items?  Of course I'll understand if you didn't, or don't have time to 
spend on it.  Thanks for putting all this material out.  
And for answering my questions about it.

How did you get in contact with MAR Barker, and get his OK?  Just 

Roger Pearse


From: (QFF00036@niftyse)
Subject: Dragon Magics, Sorcery and Japanese Myth
Message-ID: <>
Date: 7 Feb 94 12:59:00 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3046

Hi all.
Kuri comes again.

Thank you for res. about Dragon Magics. (^o^)! <-smiley mark

_God of Glorantha_ says Kraroli magicians use _Godunia Magic_. 
But, _Godunia Magic_ is a Sorcery variant.  Are Drgon Magics Sorcery?
I don't think so. There must be another magic system that rules Dragon

BTW, Which is the Rune of Dragon?  The square with X (first Rune of
Godunia) ?

Japanese Ancient Myth have some slimilarity to Glorantha.

At the Beggining, there was only Sea of Chaos. Then Two Gods (One God
and One Goddess) had come. One God dripped his spear into the Sea and
four drops from the spear made YAMATO-NO-KUNI "Japanese Islands".

In YAMATO-NO-KUNI many Gods appeared. They were YAO-YOROZU-NO-KAMIGAMI
"8 million Gods" , all Spirit-with-Great-Power, not Higher Being.

In an episode about AMA-TERASU-OMIKAMI "Great Sun Goddess", she hid
herself under the Door of Huge Stone because she felt shame and sad
that beastly-brute younger brother (Yes! he is Storm God) had made so
many troubles. Then the World is in the Great Darkness. It was he who
opened the Door of Huge Stone and brought (forced) the Sun back.

There was a Hero-God named YAMATO-TAKERU-NO-MIKOTO "Ancient
Hero-Prince". He bore a Sword named KUSA-NAGI-NO-TSURUGI
"Grass Cutter Sword". He used it to cut burning grass around
him to escape from the fire.
He camouflaged himself a sacrifice to Great Eight-headed Viper
and get him much Liqure. When Viper slept, he cut all the heads off
with his Sword.

                       // Kuri ( //


From: SYS_RSH%PV0A@HOBBES.CCA.CR.ROCKWELL.COM (Scott Haney, AFDS770 Functional Test X2069)
Subject: Re: Glowline
Date: 7 Feb 94 13:24:00 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3047

This is why I've followed Nick Brooke's advice, and inside the 
Glowline, the moon doesn't look full. It is surrounded by a crimson 
corona, much the same way the Empire is surrounded by the Glowline.
Besides, if the moon were always full, then lycanthropes would always 
be in animal form, which in most campaigns I've seen isn't the case.



Subject: Re: How to Kill the Crimson Bat
Message-ID: <>
Date: 7 Feb 94 04:33:33 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3048

BRYAN, are you serious?  Not with MY people you dont!  High Priest of Daka Fal.


From: staats@MIT.EDU (Richard C. Staats)
Subject: Illumination as a central focus in a campaign
Message-ID: <9402071715.AA19178@MIT.EDU>
Date: 7 Feb 94 13:20:57 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3049

Reference Devin Cutler's question...

Yes, I run a campaign where there exists a balance cult which has the 
``mission'' of maintaining the status quo in the world.  As Sandy 
pointed out though, there is a lot of opposition to illumination in the 
world, and if becomes common knowledge that a character, PC or NPC, is a 
trickster then that character's days are fairly numbered in the campaign 
(unless the character escapes to an enclave somewhere, but that also 
effectively takes the character out of the campaign).  

        Whether you play that a character realizes when they have been 
riddled or not, the character *must* realize that someone asked them a 
``funny'' question.  Most Gloranthan cultures outside the Lunar Empire 
are not going to tolerate a suspected trickster either.  ``That lady 
over there is asking strange questions!'' ``Must be a trickster!''  
``Chaos scum!''  ``Let's get her!''  :-)

        The balance cult in my campaign is self policing.  An 
illuminated person can recognize another illuminant; so the cult itself 
also discourages random initiation by censoring those who are non-cult 

        Hope that helps,

        In service,


From: (boris)
Subject: A Pungent Thought
Message-ID: <>
Date: 7 Feb 94 20:05:18 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3050

  A thought came to me today on my drive into work.  One might say I was

  Do you suppose Glorantha has skunk hsunchen?  Where do you think they
  would live?

  How about porcupine hsunchen?

  Are there any known bird hsunchen?  Would penguin hsunchen live on
  Valind's glacier?

  A GM thinking evil thoughts...


From: 100270.337@CompuServe.COM (Nick Brooke)
Subject: True Golden Horde
Message-ID: <940207221234_100270.337_BHB102-5@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 7 Feb 94 22:12:35 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3051

Carl Fink said:

> There are very few remnants of the EWF, because the Invincible Golden
> Horde (corresponding to the Tatars or Mongols) destroyed it, and then
> the remnants were destroyed even further by the Dragonkill War.

My pride compels me to point out that the Carmanian/Dara Happan/Theyalan 
alliance known as the True Golden Horde was both more civilised and more 
destructive than the Tartars or Mongols ever were.

My humility compels me to admit that we lost (that time), and badly. But 
there are magi in Carmania who study the old Dragonslaying magics, think 
they've remedied their flaws, and are itching for a chance to employ them 



From: (Chris Johnson)
Subject: Illusions
Date: 7 Feb 94 08:36:21 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3052

I have some questions on Illusions. 
    o Can an Illusion be used to overcome/fool restrictions on a magical device?
      i.e. can an Illusion of being a dwarf allow you to use a magic item that
           has the restriction, 'usable only by dwarves'? 
    o Can you create Illusions of runic association?
    o Cult associations?
    o Other associations (apprentiship, family, royalty...)?
    o Can an Illusion mask any of these associations?
    o What would be the Power range (POW for Divine, MP for spirit, 
      intensity for Sorcery) for these kinds of illusions be?

Illusionary minds want to know...

| Christopher Johnson             |   Regal Lager                 |
| Space Systems/LORAL             |     It's not just a beer...   |
|         |        It's a palindrome!     |


From: (Mr Robert McArthur)
Subject: Storm Bull vs the Bat
Message-ID: <>
Date: 8 Feb 94 17:55:25 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3053

Bryan J. Maloney writes
> Okay, it's actually pretty simple:
> 1:  Revive Genert.
> 2:  The great plenty and wealth this will give to outer Prax (the wastes)
>     will increase the power and population of the tribes immensely.
> 3:  Once this has happened.  Summon the great Ancestral spirits and juice
>     them up with all the MP and extra POW of the burgeoning populace.
> 4:  Use this power to summon the Storm Bull.
> 5:  Sacrifice half the population of the revived garden of Prax to the Storm
>     Bull.
> 6:  Storm Bull then kills the bat.
> 7:  Remember, during this time, one must keep the Lunar Empire from finding
>     out about any of this.

Interesting... how do people think SB would go versus the bat? In RBWM and
Dragon Pass, a superhero (god calibre) would toast the bat, especially since
they are immune to chaotic and exotic magic.  Since SB is so anti-chaos, one 
would think he would be doubly immune (or more so).  Likewise any of the major
spirits/gods in Nomad Gods.  So, given the apparent nastiness of the bat
as written up, would SB toast it?  I say yep, especially since Brian et al
chased it away from Whitewall.  SB might actually toast it for good -
permanently gone!  Erased!  battered even :-)

Sorry bought all that folks :-)....


From: (Rob Prior)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Fri, 04 Feb 1994, part 1
Message-ID: <94Feb7.221106est.58644(1)>
Date: 7 Feb 94 11:16:20 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3054

I want only the Digest, not the Daily (can't afford all the network traffoc
the daily brings in).

I was getting only the Digest when the Daily suddenly appeared.  Has the
server gone back to an old subscriber liist?
NYNET-North York Board of Education-North York,Ontario,CANADA


From: (David Dunham)
Subject: Kargzant
Message-ID: <>
Date: 8 Feb 94 05:29:47 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3055

>From: (Roderick Robertson, SC1-5, x52936)
>   Check P. 40 in GRoY. There Vuranostum is described as the son of
>Hendrustus and Hippoi, Goddess of Horses; he is of the Hyaloring tribe. He
>is described as  "the Handsome Equestrian". This indicates to me that 
>Hyalor Horsebreaker had already done his bit (pun intended!).

I thought I saw something somewhere about people who rode horses purely as
allies. But you're right, it does appear the Great Giant probably isn't

>  I'd be willing to give the Movement rune to Kargzant, but much reduced 
>from what it had been. No Teleports or Fly spells for instance. Rune spells 
>which allow much faster travel, maybe something to ride short distances 
>over thin air (like gullys or rivers, not kilometers). Jump for 
>Horses? that would be a nightmare for those Redlands farmers! 

OK, the real reason I wanted to give Yu-Kargzant the Motion rune was that
it helped give mythic justification to the nomads. I certainly wasn't
giving him much in the way of Motion rune spells.

>   Kargzant no longer has un-restricted Movement, he is forced to travel 
>the same path day after day. Sure the Sun moves, but no longer does it roam 
>the Sky at will. To me that shows that the Movement abilities enjoyed by 
>Kargzant are much curtailed. After all, Yelm moves, yet does not have the 
>Movement Rune. Since Kargzant was stripped of his unrestricted movement 
>before the Sun rose again and the Great Compromise, he lost it forever.  

The Grazers would tell you it's not Yelm doing the moving, it's
Yu-Kargzant. Yelm is a pitiful remnant of the god who could only hang
motionless over the farmer culture. (Outsiders would note that the Grazers
aren't nomadic any longer, either, proving that Kargzant lots much of his
movement abilities.)

>  On a related note, Kargzant is one of the Rebel Gods who is in on the 
>Murder of Murharzam! (p. 16)

True; one of the things that makes it hard to fit Yu-Kargzant and Yelm (or
at least the Sun) together.