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From: (Sandy Petersen)
Subject: re: RQ Daily
Message-ID: <>
Date: 16 Feb 94 10:16:21 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3118

Good news, sports fans! I've found my dragon magic stuff, thanks to  
Oliver J. Apparently it was more complete than I'd remembered. So  
here goes. 

Mike Dawson -- if you like, I hereby grant permission for you to  
publish this in your rag. 

Here goes: 

Mastered Personality Traits per rank:

WARRIOR: brave/cowardly, energetic/lazy, loyal/independent,  
merciful/cruel, temperate/indulgent

NOBLE: chaste/promiscuous, forgiving/vengeful, just/partial,  

RULER: generous/selfish, honest/deceitful, honorable/dishonorable,  

NOTE that I've left off some trait descriptions (saving 'em for a  
later mailing). 


DRAGON ARMOR (Cowardly): Costs 1d6 trait, lasts for one fight. This  
effect absorbs damage at the rate of 1 MP per damage pt. All damage  
done (after subtracting for armor, parry weapons, etc.) is absorbed  
using as many MPs as needed. MPs used to absorb this can be taken  
from all available sources. Not even critical hits bypass this  
defense. If MPS run out, you go unconscious and the Dragon Armor  
effect ends. 

DRAGON'S CLAW (Loyal): Costs 1d6 trait, lasts for one fight. One limb  
is turned into a claw w/two-edged curved nails. The claw does 2d6  
base damage. Chance to hit begins at a percentage equal to the  
'newt's Manipulation bonus. It can parry at a starting percentage  
equal to the 'newt's Agility bonus. Skill can increase by experience.  
The claw blocks 12 points when parrying, and its armor points do not  
decrease when exceeded. 

DRAGON STRENGTH (Energetic): Costs 1d6 trait, lasts for one day.  
increases STR by 50%. Drop fractions. This effect is often used in  
conjunction w/Growth. 

FIREBREATH (Cruel): Costs 1d3 trait per use (more if stacked). Lets  
the 'newt breathe fire like a dragon. A cone of fire with a range in  
meters equal to the user's POW. This firebreath does 1d10 damage to  
the general HP of everyone in its path (you're not shielded by  
standing behind someone else). Armor protects normally, but all  
engulfed weapons & armor lose 1 AP. This effect can be stacked. 

GROWTH (Lazy): Costs 1d4 trait, lasts for one day. Increases SIZ by  
6. May be repeatedly used over successive rounds to increase mass. If  
SIZ reaches over triple the 'newt's STR, it becomes unable to move by  

SCORN WOUND (Brave) [also known as Pre-Healing]: Costs 1d8 trait per  
use. Can be called on at any time, but has no immediate effect. When  
invoked, the user can instantly cure all effects of any one chosen  
wound one round after damage is determined. The effect can be "saved"  
for years after it is invoked. If the 'newt is killed by the wound,  
this ability can bring him back from the dead, but it costs him an  
additional 1d8 trait, in addition to the points already spent when  
the magic was "sacrificed" for. 

SPROUT WINGS (Independent): Costs 1d8 trait, lasts one day. Sprouts  
wings letting the 'newt fly at thrice normal speed (6 for warriors, 9  
for nobles). A winged 'newt has an identical HLT to a ruler 'newt. A  
ruler 'newt that invokes this becomes capable of flying onto the  
Heroplane or spirit plane if other conditions are met. 

SUSTAIN LIFE (Temperate): Costs 1d6 trait, lasts a number of days  
equal to the user's CON. Renders the 'newt immune to the need for  
food, drink and rest. Often used on forced marches. 

TATTOO MATRIX (Indulgent): Costs 1 trait per POW pt spent. By  
spending POW, the 'newt makes a magic tattoo in his skin. It can be a  
spell matrix, an MP-storage device, an armoring or strengthening  
enchantment, or any other standard device. POW spent is normal for  
the type, but the matrix creation is always successful. When the  
dragonewt graduates to another stage of existence, all tattoos are  

UTUMA SKILL (Merciful): Costs 1d6 trait per attempt. This is the  
cleansing ritual suicide, which has a base chance equal to the  
'newt's Magic bonus. It cannot be performed unless an utuma is  
available. A successful skill roll indicates that the dragonewt has  
killed itself and returned to its current caste without danger of  
regression to former caste through imperfect personality. A failed  
skill roll still kills the user. If a dragonewt is ready to progress  
to the next stage, it must not use this skill while killing itself. 


ATTUNE LANDSCAPE (Promiscuous): Costs 1d6 trait per use. Lets the  
'newt achieve oneness with its surroundings. It becomes nearly  
impossible to see so long as it does not move (once it moves, the  
effect ends). Unless a viewer receives a Special success in the  
appropriate Perception skill, the 'newt cannot be detected. This even  
applies to spells such as Second Sight or Detect Enemy. If the 'newt  
succeeds in using its Hide skill when invoking this effect, any  
potential enemy must actually be aware of the presence or possible  
presence of the 'newt to even attempt using a Perception skill (and  
he still needs a special success to spot him). 

DON ARMOR SKILL (Suspicious): Costs 1d4 trait each time armor is  
donned. Cannot be used unless a set of ornamental dragonbone armor is  
available. Successful skill use lets the 'newt don his armor in  
1d10+10 rounds. In addition, each full 05% rolled gives the armor 1  
pt of damage absorption, up to the total of the user's Don Armor  
percentiles. EXAMPLE: a 'newt has 25% Don Armor. Its player rolls an  
18 on 1d100, giving it 3 pts of armor. 

	This is used only before important journeys or battles, and  
the armor is normally left on until the mission is accomplished.  
Experience can increase Don Armor, which starts at a percentage equal  
to the 'newt's Knowledge bonus. Note that a 'newt who fails his skill  
roll on Donning armor may need to doff it and try again, thus costing  
himself multiple points in his Suspicious. 

FIRST STRIKE SKILL (Trusting): Costs 1d4 trait per use, lasts for the  
duration of the battle. This is the skill of attacking with  
precision, speed, and smoothness, and has a base chance equal to the  
'newt's Manipulation bonus. Each round of combat, the 'newt may  
attempt a First Strike skill roll. It can even be used (with the same  
effects) if the weapon is sheathed. 

	Critical Success = attack occurs on the user's DEX SR, cannot  
be parried or dodged, and automatically hits (i.e., an attack roll  
that is a fumble or failure hits anyway). 

	Special Success = attack occurs on the user's DEX SR and may  
not be parried or dodged, assuming it hits. 

	Success = attack occurs on the user's DEX SR.
	Failure = attack occurs on the user's normal SR. 

	Fumble = user flings weapon 1d6 meters in random direction.

HEROIC LEAP (Chaste): Costs 1d3 trait per use. Lets the 'newt jump up  
to half his STR in meters. If a simultaneous Jump skill roll fails,  
the 'newt lands prone and must succeed at DEXx5 or take 1d6 damage  
ignoring armor. Used to scale heights, cross obstacles, or in a fight  
to surprise a foe and attack first, or from behind. 

SOUL-BLAST (Vengeful): Costs 1d4 trait per use. The MPs of the 'newt  
are matched vs. those of his foe as a bolt of green energy. If the  
'newt overcomes the target, the latter loses 2d6 magic points. 


ENERGY DEFLECTION (Modest): Costs 1d6 trait, lasts 1d6 hours. Let's  
the 'newt block incoming missiles and spells with a successful Parry.  
A dragonbone weapon must be used. A successful parry puts the  
weapon's armor points between the user and a missile. A parried spell  
affects the weapon rather than the user -- in most cases (Sever  
Spirit, Demoralize, etc.) this results in no effect. 

SUMMON DREAM DRAGON (Dishonorable): Costs 2d6 trait per attempt. To  
use this, the 'newt must meditate for 6 hours. At the end of this  
time, it must attempt a roll of its POW or less on 1d100. Success  
forms a dream dragon within 60m of the user. The dream dragon must be  
created randomly each time the effect is used. Once it appears, it  
obeys the summoner's commands for 1 hour. Then it departs. 


Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 14 Feb 1994, part 1
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 Feb 94 01:31:21 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3119

Sandy Writes:

) I submit that each individual archetype of elf has its own  
) personality, and that this personality in addition is modified ) by the

I agree. In my campaign, one PC was an elf a
ffiliated with a lemon tree. Needless to say, he had a really "sour"
disposition (urrghh!)

Devin Cutler


From: (David Cake)
Subject: Re: My Wind Lord PC
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 Feb 94 01:38:17 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 3120

	In reply to MOB, I decided that my PC could become a Wind Lord, and
even fudged the rules in his favour (he turned out, due to a mistake in his
adding up, to be 2% away from mastery in one of his five skills - but he passed
a role played test (it was sword parry, and he parried 10 times with no 
failures and one critical), so I decided that the temple could not tell the
difference between 88% and 90%, and Orlanth could, but only sent the Impests).
	I considered other reasons for him not being excepted by the priests,
and in fact the ranking priest wanted to reject him for just the reasons that 
you describe - hangs out with disreputable people (PCs), likely to do rash
things (like insult Lunars), etc. This was Faltikus the Good, who gave in 
under pressure from Krogar Wolfhelm (who put him up to entering the Garhound
Contest in the first place) and Govoran the Magnificent (who besides his
reputation as 'the last honest Orlanth priest in Pavis' is also related to the
Garhound family). The remaining Orlanth priest in Pavis, Frekor Firmfarer, 
while normally supporting Faltikus, was less concerned about the PCs 
disreputable friends than Faltikus - for reasons that are obvious if you know
much about him.
	So in the end  the Orlanth cult decided that he could become a Wind 
Lord, and he passed the tests with flying colours (I roleplayed most of them
out to make the occasion more dramatic).