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From: (Graeme Lindsell)
Subject: Russian Ralios and RoC Requirements
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Date: 27 May 94 20:10:00 GMT
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Graeme Lindsell replying to Gary Newton (
Russian Ralios:
 My worry about the "wide open oppressed spaces" view of Ralios
is I believe that such territories, with no natural boundaries
to conquest, tend to form or be part of large empires. Like Russia, for 
example. Or Poland, that wonderful land where everyone goes to fight wars
and devise new atrocities. Ralios on the other hand seems to be
many small principalities over most of its domain, leading me to 
suspect that it's all hilly, forested, broken terrain, with easy
transport only allowed by the rivers. More like the Holy Roman
Empire perhaps, with the Emperor (Arkat) now vanished and everyone
jockeying to take his place?  

 Again, more a similarity than an exact parallel.

>The Russians even now are not beyond displaying a certain amount of distrust
>suspicion / irrational fear about the Great and Lawless East with its Hordes
>of Invaders.

 The obvious place for this attitude is the Lunar Empire. Perhaps the
Redlands and most eastern satrapies do tend to be more oppressive, where
the Empire has to ensure political reliability? The Redlands may have
been colonised more by runaway peasants than by deliberate action by
the satraps.

 In Salfester, the areas near Seshnela may be the more freedom-loving, in
reaction to the Rokari authoritarianism, while those near the Orlanthi 
would be more oppressive.

 (Did you suggest this or was it the other way round?)

>The society of the Malkioni is obsessed (to varying degrees...) with the idea
>of caste.

 One interesting thing to note is that tecnically only the men belong to
different castes; all the women belong to one of their own. At least
among the Brithini.

 Surprisingly, David Dunham responds to my question about RoC rune level
skill requirements:
>I welcome the change (I think), as it seemed that becoming an acolyte
>was too easy, being mostly a matter of time
>(50% skill is easy, 10 surplus POW is relatively easy)

 The 10 surplus depends (in RQ3) on what happens to cast rune magic by
initiates. If spells learnt and cast counts towards the 10, fine. If it 
doesn't, things become harder.

 As for the 90% requirements, I was disturbed to see that things like
Swords Attack are essential for a Storm Voice, but that skills I'd think
more important, like 90% Cult Lore and 90% Ceremony are ignored. I like
to think priests should know the teachings and myths of their god, and
be able to worship him/her/it/them.

Graeme Lindsell a.k.a
Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Canberra.
"I was 17 miles from Greybridge before I was caught by the school leopard"
Ripping Yarns - Tomkinson's Schooldays.