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From: (Kevin Rose)
Subject: Assorted Things
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Date: 15 Jun 94 16:52:55 GMT
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Sandy:  (DI and teleports)
The article I was thinking of was "Divination and Divine Intervention" by 
Greg Stafford, Wyrms Footnotes #12, P19-21.  The particularly appropriate 
quote is "Unlike divination, divine intervention can work in an enemy 
stonghold.  The Rune Lord and initiates success comes from within themselves 
and they always pay the price in characteristic power. . . Rune Masters who 
get captured by enemy cultists may possibly prevented from using divine 
intervention from escaping."  Greg then goes onto describe the use of slave 
collars and specialized magics, aka the Thanatar create head spells.  I 
don't know how he ran it, but this is what he wrote. . .

Graeme:  Longbows and Loskalm
     You'd think that the English won the Hundred Years War from the way 
people talk about longbows being such wonder weapons. . .
     Actually infantry bows are rather limited tactically.  The primary way 
they were successfuly used in this war was when the French attacked them in 
a defensive position.  And stupidly at that.  Look at the English Civil War 
and see how successful they were there.  The problem with any infantry 
missle troops against cavalry is that the cavalry can avoid them.  So you 
have to be clever to force the cavalry to engage at a disadvantage. Superior 
mobility is one reason that horse archers were a real terror to infantry armies.
     Loskalm Lords have a resonable amount of cleverness (vs bullheaded 
stupidity), so they would be unlikely to make the same mistakes the French 
did.  And I strongly suspect they wouldn't repeat it several times. . .

Kevin Rose


From: (Graeme Lindsell)
Subject: Hrestoli women
Message-ID: <9406160454.AB14991@Sun.COM>
Date: 16 Jun 94 19:53:05 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 4619

Alex writes:
>Otherwise, an inevitable consequence seems to
>be that some low-class men will end up married to high-class women.

 If there is only one female class then there are no high class women
ie class is a matter relevant only to men, all women are members of
the one class.

>Unless variance from the Ideal is pretty rife, or
>that the class progression criteria for women is have a Successful Hubby,
>I find this hard to see.

 No, I was suggesting that there is no class progression criteria for
women: only men progress in class. This does not necessarily mean the
women are oppressed (though they probably are): the women may not have
the limitations of peasanthood forced on them. Don't some earthly religions
basically relate to men?

Graeme Lindsell a.k.a
Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Canberra.
"I was 17 miles from Greybridge before I was caught by the school leopard"
Ripping Yarns - Tomkinson's Schooldays.


From: (David Dunham)
Subject: Corn goddesses
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Date: 16 Jun 94 06:24:59 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 4620

This came up tonight in our Riskland campaign: what grain are Esrola and
Dorasta associated with? Dorasta is a daughter of Pelora, and might have
whatever grain Pelora had before Hon-eel discovered maize. GoG says Esrola
is goddess of oats; KoS says Esra is the barley mother.

BTW, I was wrong earlier; Bless Crops can give +10% yield, if cast on the
right crops.


Subject: Re: Aldachur Festival, Cam's Well and Jannisor
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Date: 15 Jun 94 00:37:29 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 4621

To John Hughes, Martin Crim and Harald Smith...

I loved each of your postings, thank you all for sharing
them with us.

-Matt Thale