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From: Steve Lieb <styopa_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 06:56:47 -0800

"gian gero" <gianger-_at_...> wrote:
> >(BTW, anyone notice that with HW we'll have to change our language?
> >When you "roll up" an HW character, you're not 'rolling' anything...)
> That's part of the miracles of the new millennium (for those of you
> think that we have already entered the third one...).

Anal-retentivo delenda est! :)

> The issue of the Iron Sword: I assume Steve means that it is a
> (RQ3) iron sword which reduces the effetcs of magic. We usually have
> enchanted Iron in Glorantha, so this is no ordinary (even if more
> "magic sword" at all!

Actually it was Iron from a stone that fell from the sky that behaved like normal Iron in RQ (-% to any nearby magic per ENC) but the other curious property was that it simply ignored magic, and was likewise ignored. So for example the character was teleported with all his equipment...oops, no sword.
Likewise, that magical "wall of force" simply didn't exist, and neither did any magic bonuses to armor. Of course, it wouldn't accept as a focus for bladesharp or anything either. It did apparently have the chance on a critical to short-circuit magic, since once it not only ignored a magical wall, it took it down (but then got so hot I had to drop it (4 hp directly to my arm)). But that may have been a one-time plot device by the DM, I never found out.

> >Devotees go to temple everyday and spend 4-5 hours in prayer or

> This is awful! 4-5 hours a day in prayer is something that I doubt
even the
> Pope (in RW) would enjoy!

OR SERVICE ... i.e. for Humakt, that's killing people :)

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