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From: W. Quadros <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 08:04:30 -0800

"gian gero" <gianger-_at_...> wrote:
> >I would place a runelord around 10w.
> I assumed that HW20 = RQ3100%, am I wrong or is this a MG (mine
> choice (that I am unaware of?)
> So (IMG) a RuneLord with 110% Bastard Sword A, becomes a RL with a 2W
> ability and it usually more skilled than circa 98% of those whom he
> Is my question clear?

This is back to the question of mathematical conversion of conceptual conversion. In RQ 110% is abnormally high. In HW 2W is not abnormal. It is unusual but not abnormal.

> The issue of the Iron Sword: I assume Steve means that it is a
> (RQ3) iron sword which reduces the effetcs of magic. We usually have
> enchanted Iron in Glorantha, so this is no ordinary (even if more
> "magic sword" at all!

One of the great things about HW is that Steve does not have to say what he means, he may not even know what he means. One day a situation comes up where he wants to kill somebody who is magically defended and his defines what he meant. Of course, the GM may tell him one day that he cannot hit that monster with his sword because his sword ignores magic and the creature is entirely magic. Oops!

> >Devotees go to temple everyday and spend 4-5 hours in prayer or
> >and sarficice a sheep a week. Their God says "Joe Humakti is my
> >friend!" You get access to all affinities, feats and can learn the
> >cult secret.
> This is awful! 4-5 hours a day in prayer is something that I doubt
even the
> Pope (in RW) would enjoy! Wesley, I hope you are joking...

I said prayer or SERVICE. :-) For a humakti service includes hacking things to little pieces. For a storm voice service includes summoning rain for a dry field, dispersing a storm from a flooding field etc etc.  As long as the character is thinking about and dedicating what they are doing to the god then they qualify. I bet you the Pope spends every waking hour serving God. He may not be directly praying but he is administering God's empire on this land.

> I remember reading in the RQ rules that the frequentation of ritual
> services, in G (as in the RW) is not at all so important, if you (PC)
> understand and apply the basic value of your own cult in your
everyday life.
> Really IYG, you guys use these assumption? How much time should
> spend in praying to Humakt, then??

Onslaught dedicates 24 hours of every day to Humakt (he has a geas: never sleep). All he ever talks about and thinks about is killing. That sounds like he is doing "God's Work".

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