monster observation

From: Steve Lieb <styopa_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 08:20:57 -0800

How are "monsters" going to be listed in the sourcebooks? For example a pretty tough, complex opponent like a bad-mofo Vampire?

Ancient Vampire (ala in the Old Sun Dome - remember, he was pretty feral IIRC) - Entrance 18w5, Drain Life 14w6, Stealth 12w3, Disappear 8w2, Speak Any Language 8, Resist Magic 18w3, Command Entranced Victim 14w2
Allies: Bat Swarm (Confuse 16, Cause Fear 13) Pack of 12 Wolves: (Cause Fear 15w, Pursue 6w, Pack Attack 15)* * IMO I'd also allow the pack to add AP's in the right circumstances to him as allies.

Suggestions? Would most people flesh him out more? Less? (ala "Vampire 16w4")
Just curious.

BTW: Just put in my pre-order at Phoenix Games, Mpls. Greg - ship to them first! :)

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