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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 10:34:34 -0500

Now... play nice... :-&#92; That remark rather stung.

Timothy Byrd wrote:
> Jeff Kyer, in an answer worthy of the Glornatha digest, writes:
> > But, frankly, I do not think that I will go into that here.
> > Check the Hero wars information on the Glorantha
> > site and read it, please? It should answer the majority
> > of your questions.
> Actually it answered none of my questions. Perhaps you could be a wee
> bit more specific about where to look, please? I didn't notice a
> Search link. I didn't see anything in the "Research Library". Nor on

I should have been more direct and provided precise browswer coordinates but, due to some problems with my styem here at work, I could not. Check and then click on the various products. There are a lot of bits and pieces there, not well organized, I know but it...

But the reason I said I could not or would not go into the details of the feats and affinities is that it would take far, far too much typing and probably get me in trouble for putting out information... Not because its forbidden but because the information I have is somewhat obsolete. That being said, I WILL give a 'typical' keyword for a deity.

Remember, this IS obsolete in its precision but not, necessarily, in its contents. (I, frankly, expect to get slapped around by the powersthatbe doing for this)

Example Obsoletus:

[Theist, Storm Religion, Orlanth, Adventurous, Vinga]

(comment: the structure is only useful when one is trying to work out just how the religions are related. basically, Vinga is an offshoot of the Orlanth Religion by way of Or. Adv. It is, however, a cult in its own right -- vingans are considered OA worshipers, rather than Ernaldans)

Vinga is the warrior goddess for women who take upon themselves the violent and deadly tasks normally taken by men. Even before the Darkness had Vinga stepped to the fore and guarded the tribe. She organized defenses, and drove off the trolls (Uz). Her worshippers wear a skirt over their men's clothing and dye their hair red.

(comment: good thumbnail desc)

Special Requirements: Open to women only Affinities:
Combat (Deadly Spear Throw, Mile Throw Javelin, Fight Against Uz) Movement (Run Upon Snow, Run Upon Treetop, Leap Over Water) Protection (Make Fire, Heal by Magic, Restore Friends During Combat, Shield noncombatant)
Secret: Protection of Others
Worshippers. Women only, widespread through Orlanthi territory. Other Connections: Vinga is one of the Thunder Brothers Disadvantages: none significant


The Affinities are learned by any initiate of Vinga and they can perform the feats within (depending on situation) by rolling their magic skill with that affinity (all start at 17 in the 'as is' rules) but at an unfamiliarity penalty (usually -5). Those who are devotees would actually have enough knowlege of the cult's details and power to perform the feats without any problems other than the task at hand's difficulty.

Learning more feats would require them to visit obscure and odd temples or consort and consult with obscure spirits or... (gasp!) go on HeroQuests. Secrets are VERY tough to learn and require incredibly high levels of Affinty to get... Not for the ordinary schmoe!)

Somene joining the Vinga cult AFTER play began would pay HeroPoints to join and then would pay additional hero points to purchase each affinity (which would start at the default of 12) Mind you, where feats overlap, there is a useful synergy -- Orlanth A provides Combat and Movement Affinities, so you would use that skill and pick up a few new 'tricks'.

Again, all this could be utterly wrong and moot. I would prefer to wait and see.

> the Q&A page. The product pages for HW didn't seem to have any meat
> other than a section from the introduction that told me nothing I
> hadn't know from my WB&RM days. So where is this page that will
> answer my questions about feats?

Well, I hope the above DOES help.  

> > Sigh. These are the default levels. Yes, there ARE tables, yes, as I
> > think has been mentioned before. Specific keywords have specific
> levels
> > of skills.
> Sigh.

BUT in the default rules, there is a discussion of feats, though it is not very helpful, I admit. However, it would not be...

The Sigh is because this point has been brought up several times and answered.  

> Jeff, to me, your reply seemed condescending and not very useful. Was
> that your intent?
> -- Tim

The reply was not meant to be condesending BUT we are discussing matters of which neither of us have the full rules or details. Which, by my lights, is probably unwise... Most of your questions *do* have answers on the www.glorantha site but you do have rummage around for them.

But that being said, it is only a short wait. We've been paitent this long. Wait for the rules to be published.


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