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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 13:07:58 -0500

Good answer. Much better than mine. <grin>

Steve Lieb wrote:
> Hi Gian,
> IMO there's three possibilities:
> 1) & 2) either the Malkioni or the Praxian are "leading' the HQ, in
> which case the "mythic" view presented would be that of the leader.
> That's assuming that you'd even ALLOW a Praxian to "support" a Malkioni
> HQ - IMG, I'd say probably not. I would rule that the mythic view of
> another would be SO disorienting that the 'visitor' would be useless
> and possibly taint the HQ enough to cause it to fail.

I'd think that since each regards the other mind/magic set as hostile, they may do more harm than good. It might even go to support your enemies on the Quest -- assuming they too are compatible.

Or it could just screw everytyhing up.

"Bob was unable to enter the HeroPlane. All the efforts of the worshippers was wasted. The tribe grumbles about your faith and wonders if you are a real (insert religion/belief structure here) because of your strange friends.  

> 3) if both are great heroes and are venturing simultaneously into the
> "other side" at the same place for the same reason, I'd rule that they
> do indeed have entirely different views - the Praxian might find
> himself riding his tribal totem across Prax, with no sign of the
> Malkioni, and the Malkioni might find himself in a land of nodes and
> powers, with no sign of the Praxian. This isn't to say that they might

Or they may find each oterh to be the typical view -- Malkioni would see his buddy as a forign devil and the Praxian would see an 'Emptied' with him.

And that would probably hurt any *friendly* encounters they might have... You know, the ones on your heroquest path who give you the things you need to finish the job right? Such 'combined arms' heroquests would probably be much, much, MUCH mre difficult as you'd end up fighting yoru friends AND your enemies.

But the results might be startling if you succeeded. I wonder if Arkat might have gotten started this way...

> not encounter the SAME OPPOSITION, just that it would appear totally
> different to each of them. Let's say they enocounter some sort of
> guardian to be defeated - the Praxian sees a giant, the Malkioni sees
> an enemy knight garbed in black. If they fight it simultaneously, they
> may get hints that the other is helping, like the Praxian seeing an
> unknown berserker coming to his aid, the Malkioni seeing a crossbowman
> sending quarrel after quarrel into his foe. So their experience is the
> same, their interpretations entirely individual.

Good interpretation. But the problem would be that both would share the enemy sets but they woulld probably not have an *mutual* allies.  

> Interesting question tho.

I agree.


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