Rules Heroes

From: Gian Gero <giangero_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 10:12:17 GMT

Thanks for appreciation (Jeff and Steve) for my (hero)question. You got a point: I am always been able more to ask the finer questions than to give the "right" answers... :-)

In the G-Digest I asked if my definition of heroes could be Gloranthan. Here I ask if, since in the HW-rules a definition of heroes is given (a subjective definition, according to the players' POV), my defintion could fit the rules.
I say " a hero is anyone who has a purpose greater than himself ". I mean, even a farmer (or a fisherman) has a purpose if he sees his activity as a way to improve himself or his family or his community. He could be a small hero, but if he (played by a player) tries to farm/fish better and better, to be The Farmer/Fisherman of his region, or to change the cultural/mythical/magical/social significance of Farming/Fishing, he could be a HW-hero.

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