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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 09:37:03 -0800

Gian wrote

> I am sorry to stick to this problem again, but I am still trying to
> understand.
> I'd like to promote my old RQ3 PCs and NPCs to the HW rules.
> The digest advices me to use the "/3 +6" rule.
> Am I correct in these examples?
> Sword attack 120% becomes WW5
> sword attack 45% becomes W1
> I feel that giving to 45% a conversion value of W1 is too high.
> Where am I making a mistake?

I'm of the opinion that converting directly is a mistake, since it can't work. (That is, you will never get the identical character, and players will be unhappy as a result.) If I wanted to convert, I'd first write 100 words about the character (more if absolutely needed), and then fudge numbers as needed. And if you're converting NPCs, you can do whatever you want anyway -- remember that the purpose of NPCs is to play a role in an interesting story, not to be a collection of numbers to throw into a simulator.

But really, the first step is deciding what level you want the series to be. Some of us feel that Mastery should be rare and special, so 1w is more like 90% in RuneQuest. This decision may bias any numerical formulae.

I do think it's true that most starting Hero Wars characters are more accomplished than starting RuneQuest characters (if only because they have more access to magic). There's no way a 45% skill should get a mastery -- it maybe should be a 10 in my opinion.

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