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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 15:58:00 EST

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 Now mythologically you might want to look at making SB a god who left  his original home among the Heortlings to chase the Devil and found a  place for himself in the hearts of the Praxians. In fact you should  probably think about writing a story about how Storm Bull first came to  live among the Tribes who revere Waha >>

Since Storm Bull is Waha's father it seems clear why he would live there. He married Eiritha and brought his kin with him to Genert's Garden. I'd like to hear how the Heortlings got to worship the Desert Storm.

<< And why the galloping Urox droppings can't the Praxians mix the ways of
 Gods and Spirits?
 Michael Cule >>

I see no reason to limit Storm Bull, just to name one example, to either /or. Why is a powerful being not both a big spirit and a god; what is the difference? Why not combine approaches (as long as the result is not a powergamer construct)

Keith N

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