Re: 20 vs 1w

From: William Knowles <wknowles1_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 17:27:57 -0800

richard develyn <richard.devely-_at_...> wrote: original article:
> I believe that the 1w skill rating is a bit of a black hole and that
> progression should go from 20 straight to 2w. Probably find the same
> happens with 1w2, etc.
> I've done some analysis on this and stuck it on my web site (the
> guys have already seen it). It might be worth someone double checking
> figures.
> Otherwise, me myself personally I'm going to skip 1w.
> Cheers
> Richard

True there is almost no difference between 20 and 1w but the jump from 1w to 2w is double sized. So you make up what you lost and the slope stays very close to 1.10 per point. If you take it out you get a bit of a staircase in the slope which looks ugly. :-)


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