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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 20:15:49 -0800

Michael Cule wrote

>in Real Life (TM) if you don't pacify the troll
>in the first few seconds of your encounter then you're likely to be dead
>unless you can reliably dodge his blows as well as talk. But that would
>be using two skills in combat which wouldn't quite work in HW because
>you'd end up using two different AP totals.

Not so. You would presumably use a combat (or at least physical or magical) ability to avoid the troll's attack, but you would have a single AP total. As would the troll, when he resisted your Diplomacy ability with his Obey Mother's Order ability.

>In you go into an Extended Contest
>with your Dazzle with the Beauty of Flowers ability and he goes in with
>his Kill by Agonizing Means ability you are not equally armed.

Not equally armed, but if your abilities are the same, you have as much chance dazzling him as he has of killing you.

Later Michael talks about the difference between ranged and unranged attacks -- this is a real difference, and it's not unreasonable to expect that a combat magician would have the advantage over a wrestler. (Just as Indiana Jones's revolver beats a sword.)

Philip Hibbs

> If Oscar gets to start the contest by taunting the troll, then
>the troll just lets him win, and then chops Oscar into salami in a separate
>contest. The troll suffers penalties at social skills for having been
>humiliated, Oscar is dead.

And Oscar's player should find a new Narrator. If you lose a contest, you can't simply start a new one until you win. The troll is below 0 APs and should be unable to act, perhaps spitting mad but still incapable of acting against Oscar.

(If the separate contest is weeks later, when the troll is still smarting from the defeat but no longer feeling utterly humiliated, that's OK.)

keith N added

>Oscar says something like "go and prove to me that you can do more
>than whimper like an aldyami" then this could be construed as a reasonable
>case for the troll attacking.

This sounds like a fumble to me...

BTW, I agree with Martin that Witty Repartee would suffer a massive penalty against a berserk troll, so as to be impossible to use.

Steve Lieb wrote:
>Can I switch before the initial action, or do I have to go through with
>my initial declaration, and then switch. What happens to my AP's after
>I switch?

Your declaration includes which ability you use. Nothing happens to your APs when you switch.

Guy Hoyle asked

>WRT "correct" or "incorrect" worship of a god, surely that's a matter of
>cultural perspective, isn't it?

In one sense yes, in another, no. Incorrect worship is less efficient (in terms of magical yield per effort).

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