Re: combat in Hero Wars

From: Michael Cule <mikec_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 23:12:51 +0000

In message <60287F7A6768D3118A270008C728E305112518_at_tnt_server_25>, Hibbs, Philip <philip.hibbs_at_...> writes
>I don't understand what this objection is based on. I had a fairly difficult
>group for my playtest, and I never had to impose any unpopular vetos on the

I'm sorry. I was a playtester for a while. And I found that my two groups could not get their heads around the system. Its basic workings did not appeal to them. Examples? Like: you cannot during combat look down on yourself and see how badly you are wounded because that would not be heroic (or something). Consequences are worked out at the end.

And if you kick someone lying groaning on the floor and make a mess of it he gets back up and fights you again. ("I kick him in the balls and he gets better?")

It may be me (but I'm sure it won't be *just* me) but I loved the character generation and the basic resolution system but I hated the APs and the Extended Resolution System. And I'm dumping it as soon as I can and writing something that works.

Michael Cule

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