Re: Multiple attackers / defenders

From: Richard Develyn <Richard.Develyn_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 09:45:54 -0000

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson [mailto:rjremr_at_...]

<me> Jrrrz the great troll has skill 10w2 with a Pole Axe ('tickler', with an
<me> extra +5 edge - who said there were no +1 swords in Glorantha:-)) and wears
<me> lead plate mail also enchanted to +5. His skill is therefore 10w2 ^ 10 (I
<me> think I've got this right - edgewise). He has 50 APs and is, I'm sure you'll
<me> all agree, a bit of a dude.

>His pole axe and armor ranks aren't added together - his armor edge is
>opposed by his opponent's armor edge, and vice versa. The skill would be
>written 10w2^5, and the armor would be a seperate rating.

Actually I realised last night that you'd misunderstood what I was saying on this one.

The GT's plate mail is +5 (apologies to D&D haters :-) ), and so is his Pole Axe. So he gets an edge of 5 for armour / weapon plus an extra 5 (on each) for enchantment.

Am I right with this?


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