Re: HW combat

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 07:53:59 -0800

Steven White wrote

> I'd be careful about having fights where you have people with 2-3
> masteries
> more then their opponents. The dice tables start misbehaving in such a
> way
> where the lesser fellow might be happier to reduce his skill from 2w to
> 20.

Huh? The 2w succeeds on all rolls but 20 (which is bumped from fumble to failure), and criticals on 1 or 2.

And if there were 2-3 more masteries involved, his opponent would be squashed like a bug under Gonn Orta's foot.

Are you forgetting the special rule about masteries where both roll a failure?

Richard Develyn asked

> If I attack a follower, does the follower use his keyword/skill-rating/etc
> to defend me, or does the leader use his but with a multiple defence
> penalty?

The usual Hero Wars answer: it depends on context.

If the follower is all by himself, the follower is just a person like any other.

If with his hero, his APs are merged into the hero's, and the attacker would have to deal with the hero's skills.

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