Re: Ambiguous powers

From: Dave Bailey <db_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 10:30:11 +0100


        I like that idea, I think it'll be the default to a large extent anyway, folks like consistancy. Define "you" - is that the first time a power is used by anybody or by a particular individual? I guess the individual, when they first use the power they define their primary focus, all other possibilities will fall into line from there which kinda brings me back to people always going for a particular use because it's "better" than others. Following that logic, over all the powers, most people will have a similar interpretation of is capabilities. Seems to me like a web site will spring up to categorise them......I'd better do some real work.



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> Subject: Ambiguous powers
> I think maybe the ambiguities with powers (as opposed to mundane skills,
> where I feel there *should* be some control) is intended.
> How about having a rule that the first time you use a power (however
> you've
> persuaded your narrator that it should be used) then this is the *right*
> way
> that the power applies to you. Further new uses are subject to escalating
> improv penalties (-3, -6, -12 ...).
> Richard
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