From: Nick Hollingsworth <NickH_at_...>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 12:38:44 +0100

>> Most players say 'cool' and like the added danger.
>> I'll go with my field test results.

> Fair enough. I play with some fairly litigious players, and have known
> abusive referees, though, and can foresee this being a potential problem.

You could ensure that the sum HP of the NPCs is split as a bonus after the series.
Or you could have a convention that major NPCs often get 2 HP or so and that therethey come to about 2 HP averege per episode and that you give each player 1extra point per episode to balance this. Or some other numbers. Or some other plan.
>From the point of view of avoiding player complaints it probably does
not matter what the plan is as long as you are seen to have considered it and that its roughly fair on average.

Nick Hollingsworth
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