Re: Edges?

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 12:45:47 EST

Petsku Koo:

<< swords and other weapons give edge ( example dagger 1, normalsword 3
and greatsword 5 )>>


<<2. how about skills? if i have physical skill strong can i get edge from
that to a battle ( im so strong that my strikes ar more dangerous than yours????)>>

     The Narrator may permit you to augment your combat skill with your Strong rating if she wishes. Personally, I wouldn't, since I feel that the character's strength, speed and so on are already taken into account in the combat skill rating, and I'd save augments for things such as 'Hate Troll' when fighting trolls and so on. But there's no firm guidelines on this, and other Narrators may feel differently to me.


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