Re: Apple Lane

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 22:27:55 +1200

Douglas Seay:

>Is there an agreed on "modification" to the RQ2 Apple Lane to bring it
>in line with how Sartar really is? Back when I played Sartar as a
>generic fantasy kingdom, it worked out well. This whole clan thing
>means AL needs rethinking.

AL was revised for RQ3 and contains the following paragraph:

         Apple Lane rests on the traditional boundaries between the
         Colymar and the Malani, tribes of friendly barbarians who
         enjoy practical jokes and strong meals.  Both tribes follow
         Orlanth the storm god.

I can't think of too much else that needs updating.

--Peter Metcalfe

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