Animist Hero Creation

From: Serabian, Malcolm <malcolm.serabian_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 13:15:11 -0400

I have a couple of questions concerning Animist hero creation. When creating a member of an animist tradition it is clear in the Animist magic chapter that as part of his or her magic keyword they recieve 5 one-use spirit fetches that are automatically refilled between sessions.

It is not clear however what starting fetches/integrated spirits are given to a shaman. It states that the shaman starts with his fetch but it doesn't specify any other spirits/fetches. So shaman starts with only his fetch. Is this right?

I guess you could describe fetches/integrated spirits that the shaman has in his/her description/list, if you wanted the shaman to have more spirits are the start of the game. Is this right?

Can a starting Animist non-shaman have more spirits than five by stating them in his/her description or list?

Looking at the Grazer character creation in the Yu-Kargazant keyword is it correct that only shamans can use spirits from the Yu-kargazant tradition? Does this mean that for example warrior cannot have a fetch of Flaming Weapon for example?

Within the Kolat tradition in Heortling Keywords it doesn't describe special spirits or list example spirit types under the traditional spirits as the Grazer examples do. It would be nice if these were present.

How you folks can provide some answers.



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