Re: Re: Demonstration Package

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 09:15:05 -0400

Michael Cule wrote:
> writes
> >I picked up a few copies of the demo package to give to local stores
> >when I was at GAMMA. Its not bad at all. Steve's done a good job.
> >There's a more fleshed out version of the rules synopsis,
> If Issaries are not going to put the whole demo package online that at
> least should be put in place.
> > about a dozen
> >sample characters, 2 hero bands (one of which is quite amusing, but very
> >valid) and a copy of the first part of the multi episode adventure that
> >will be in the Narrator's guide.
> >
> >There's also a gift certificate for a store owner in there. Looks like
> >a good way to get the game-store owner interested. And if the *store
> >owener* is interested in the game, it sells much more readily. I know
> >this from personal experience.
> Not to try to tell Issaries its business but it might be a good move to
> see that some of these get over to this side of the Atlantic before the
> release....
> --
> Michael Cule

I seem to recall someone picking up a bunch of them to go over the water, from what I recall though my hangover. But others more in the know can probably clarify that.

Or ask nicely and see if one can be mailed out to you and yours? That's what I'd do, my'self. But I'd rather be proactive, rather than reactive.

Jeff Kyer

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