RE: Moon Magic Modifiers

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 18:22:19 +0100

> > Can I just add that multipliers to abilities are a very bad idea
> > in Hero Wars, ... HW abilities are basically logarithmic measurements

> I agree with David on this one.

I agree with David and Philip on this one. I am sure whoever wrote up the multipliers carefully considered what would happen at the w4/5/6 level. After all, this is the kind of power that will be kicking around any time important Lunars start using magic. (And, of course, restricting access to the cyclical bonus multiplier to only the most powerful magicians does *nothing* to remove this problem).

BTW, are there any other magic multipliers in HW we can compare the Lunar Cycle to?

Another thought:

In RQ2 and DP, Lunar magic was presented as being somewhat weaker (on average) than other forms of magic, except on the Full Moon day or within the Glowline when it really kicked ass.

Thus, in RQ cult writeups the Lunar cults commonly had "worse" magic than equivalent Lightbringer cults, except that on their home ground or at the time of their choosing they would have more powerful magic. (E.g: Humakt vs. Yanafal; Issaries vs. Etyries).

However, *if* the HW magic system gives Lunar cults magic that is already as powerful as other cults' magic (i.e. without any Full Moon cyclical boost), this paradigm won't work any more.

I hope someone thought about this when they were writing up Lunar magical feats...

Cheers, Nick

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