Edges, Augments and AP

From: David Stephen Bell <davebell_at_...>
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 00:36:32 -0000

I'm trying (like everyone else) to understand how the Hero Wars body functions by studying it's fingerprints. A few things I haven't figured out yet and would appreciate help on are:  
  1. From the synopsis..." Augmentation is a target number bonus from magic or mundane abilities..." (my italics), and "An edge is a situational modifier, whether from magic, possession, or other abilities. An edge is a number added to the stake when your opponent must forfeit or transfer APs"

This appears to suggest that magic and mundane abilities can be either a bonus or an edge (or both?). Is this the case? Can they be either, in which case how do you decide which to apply? Or, if they are seperate, which are target number bonuses and which are AP stake modifiers.  

2. In a group extended contest, where the AP of a group are combined, what happens if one person withdraws from the contest before its conclusion? Are their AP pulled from the kitty?  

3. A suggestion has been made that an attempt to hit a target with a bow might be settled by a simple contest or even an Ability test depending on the circumstances. If the AP mechanic isn't in use, how is any damage to the target determined? The ability test chart and the consequences chart don't seem to mesh too well.  

It's fun in some respects to try and deduce a game from a few constituent parts but I'm glad I've got an embarrasing number of roleplayng  years behind me. I'd hate to be a newcomer to RPGs trying to understand this. Thanks for the help.  

Dave Bell
The more I learn, the less I know - and at the rate I'm learning, pretty soon I'll know nothing at all.

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