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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:10:27 +0100

TTrotsky asks

> Is there some reason to suppose a clan strongman *couldn't* lift an

Umm, have you *seen* an Elephant up close?

>I'd have thought he could, myself. As easily as a person of typical
>strength could lift a person of typical mass, any way.

...either that or you have a very different picture of how strong the Clan Strongman is...

I'm not sure of the weights involved, I suppose some of the Powerlifters and the like might lift the mass of an elephant, but I doubt they could just go and pick one up none the less

Alain Rameau adds

>If I understand correctly, it means that a human will be between
>Large 12 and Small 8 ?
>The "largest" small creature is Small 6 and the "smallest" large
>creature is Large 6 ?

I find this a bit tricky too, because "large" and "small" are at opposite ends of the same scale. I think it is just a concept grasping thing, but can someone help me get around the following problem.

Imagine a natural cavern, through which our Heroes are required to squeeze (ie being small is good). In RQ I might have said "Only characters <= SIZ 13 can fit through" - I can say in HW "any characters with a 'Large' or similar keyword rated above 8 are too big to fit"

or I might have said "Roll on the resistance table - 20-Siz vs (size of hole) (or maybe DEX vs Siz)" - This ought to duplicateable in the HW rules either as a simple contest, or, if it is dramatically important an extended contest. I can assign a rating to my cavern, but what do my players use to contest with (assuming they don't have an immediately obvious skill like caving, potholing, or "squeeze through small spaces"?

Small 6? - as the default (assuming they have no "size" related keyword? - what if they have "Hefty - 8", "Tall-10" or "Obese-12"? or do I just generate a handicap based on these?

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