Magic feats

From: James Turner <j.a.turner_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:53:48 +0100

Tim Ellis:
>One way it could be considered more friendly is that there is less to
>learn. If none of the feats are described beyond "Whatever you can
>up with that is appropriate..." you don't need to learn big lists of
>spell description, or keep looking them up in a rulebook, or waiting
>while the GM does the same (particularly if he is also a newbie...)

But if it is too fluffy and free why even bother having "sunset leap". You could just have "air magic", "combat magic" etc and loose all the cool feat names.

Take these combat feats, "slashing blow", "truesword stroke" and "swordhelp". Is there any difference between them? The answer seems to be dependent on the GM.

My first take on them would be:
swordhelp - used to augment close combat. truesword stroke - an all or nothing feat attempting to strike down a foe in one stroke.
slashing blow - ??? either of the above?

James Turner

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