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From: David Stephen Bell <davebell_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:58:23 -0000

Thanks for the Edges/Augments answers everyone.

[In a message dated 4/10/00 7:15:59PM, you write:

 I'm not sure of the weights involved, I suppose some of the Powerlifters
 and the like might lift the mass of an elephant, but I doubt they could
 just go and pick one up none the less

Which is why the whole SIZE equivalency thing is a bit silly/irrelevent.
Calculating loads (for mules, for 40ft trailers, for shooping from a supermarket...) often has as much to do with volume as with mass, with
containment and balance as with sheer weight.

Keith N]

I agree entirely. IMHO we seem to have moved on to a new style of game only to try and recreate RQ using different terms. I don't think detail is even appropriate here, the emphasis is on describing events and creating atmosphere.

Feng Shui is another game designed from the outset to be played 'fast and loose' and has a superb GM Tips chapter advising on this style of play, and certainly useful to a HW narrator.

Concerning shopping as an example of traditional RPG detail, it suggests that ...'Players and GMs who wish to make a big deal of this are advised to watch a home shopping channel instead.'

Of course it was written by some bloke called Robin... :)

Dave Bell

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