Re: First Hero Wars Session Questions

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:40:16 -0400

At 10:04 AM 04/12/2000 -0700, Roderick Robertson wrote:
>> 1. I assumed that starting spirit-talkers had the same fetishes as
>> animist culture members and I see that that was a good assumption, but the
>> player wanted to list integrated spirits in his list of ten things during
>> character creation.
>> 1a. Since an integrated spirit is worth two fetishes, do you think that
>> each line in the ten items list counts as 1 integrated spirit or 2
>> fetishes, 1/2 integrated spirit or 1 fetish, or something else?
>In a list method I'd make either Fetish or Integrated spirit take one "slot"
>out of the 10 - the 2-1 cost is for the (normally) 5 "free" fetishes.

Basically, I don't see why a player would want to choose a fetish over an integrated spirit. Is there something I am not seeing?

>> 1b. Does it seem logical that a starting shaman will only have one-use
>> fetishes? I allowed one to be 3/day and another to be 1/day.
>You could have the shaman's player roll a Simple contest for each fetish he
>has of Spirit Combat vrs. the spirit's Might: any Defeat or a marginal
>victory equals a 1-use fetish, minor vcitory=1 use/day, major victory=3
>uses/day, Complete victory= complete integration, the spirit can't leave the
>fetish no matter how many times you use it.

I like this, though I also like just assigning a distribution like I did.

>Might/10 is for Passion spirits (ones that give you +x in certain
>sircumstances, like "Fight Darkness" spirits that give you +x to *all
>abilities* used in a fight against darkness). Normal integration gives a
>talent starting at the spirit's Might.

After rereading the integrated spirits section, I realized my mistake.

>> 5. (More a comment) The Kolating player pointed out that the Spirit-Talker
>> keyword almost completely overlapped the Kolat keyword in terms of
>> abilities. (I think that he felt shortchanged.) I theorized that the
>> general Spirit-Talker keyword would also fit with other animistic Keywords
>> that didn't overlap so much. What is the true explanation for this
>I blew it.


Oh well. Is this going to be errated?

Thanks for the reply,

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