Re: Broad abilities (combat)

From: gamartin_at_...
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 07:55:01 -0000

> The fact (mentioned in my example) that this person is a
> and thus "not unfamiliar" with weaponed fighting styles seems to
> have been overlooked, on the contrary. This isn't a person who's
> unusually bad at her "job", it's someone unusually _good_ at one
> aspect of it, in a way the current rules make very difficult to
> "split off". (There was something that would have helped somewhat
> in one of the drafts, as has been mentioned.)

Fisticuffs 10w2
Spear and Shield Fighting 10w

The fisticuffs could easily be treated as an attack which does not put the victim in dnager of dying. If she were in the shield wall, she would roll with that TN.

> I do not consider a 1HP (or 2HP at worst, to placate Gareth Martin)
> style to adequately represent the sort of distinction being
> discussed.

I still don;t see why you need HP to make the distinction. Just write it down.

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