Re: Broad abilities (combat)

From: ian_hammond_cooper_at_...
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:20:18 -0000

Alex Ferguson wrote:
> > Alynra Speardottir
> > Close Combat(Bare Fist Fighting) 10W2
> > Tactics: Has an improvisational modifier of -10 using weapons
(i.e. 20W).  

> The fact (mentioned in my example) that this person is a
_weaponthane_, and thus "not unfamiliar" with weaponed fighting styles seems to have been overlooked, on the contrary.<

Uh, no those would be at 20W (10W2-10). IIRC weaponthane is around 10W so she is more than competent.

I'm not being deliberately obstructive; I'm just trying to show that HW does cover a lot of 'situations' people don't think it covers and before we start discussing new rules I think there is more call for better showing how the existing rules DO handle the situation.

I am hopeful that the forthecoming Heroes book will help a lot in providing examples of how to use the system.

Ian Cooper

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