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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 07:05:31 -0700

Wesley wrote

> I have posted an orlanthi warrior on my site at

I'd give him a score in Grey Wind for sure, and probably the Five Turns Path as well.

And any item listed in the character description should have a score (the Carmanian lacked this) -- I'm not sure if the enchanted spear needs one separate from its "resident spirit."

You've inspired me to annotate my character Nallindia: <>, hope this helps. She's probably minimaxed a bit, in that I squeezed multiple abilities out of a single phrase, e.g.

"She learned Heort's swiftness magic at Grizzley Peak" -> knowledge of Heort, Switfness afinity

but I could always have written this as

"She learned of Heort and his swiftness magic"

which is the same number of words but more boring. And besides, listing lots of abilities at 13 is nice, but they need to be higher if you intend on actually using them much.

Careful editing and writing helps pack a lot in as well -- I got 23 distinct things from 103 words (we were given "of the Odranging clan" as a Narrator stipulation, i.e. not counting against our 100 words).

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