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From: Albion Software Engineering <graham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 10:30:34 +0100

> Why not? Don't limit your focus. What factors are important in the
> one side achieving its goal? Basically, what's the Tongue's plan of
> escape? Just because you're using the combat ability of a
> dragonsnail doesn't mean the goal is for the dragonsnail to kill
> heroes. Just because someone is trying to get away doesn't mean they
> need to use a "run fast" ability. They should only use "run fast" if
> they're trying to get away by running faster than their pursuers.

'Run Fast' is an example (as were the others I mentioned). The problem I was addressing is that whether the party defeats the dragonsnail or not is unimportant - its a matter of can they do so fast enough.

> And I don't see a problem with using the Tongue's "run fast" ability
> to augment the dragonsnail's combat ability, in THIS situation.
> Why? Because it works towards the Tongue's goal: to get away. If
> the Tongue runs faster (assuming this is a factor in his escape
> plan), then the dragonsnail doesn't have to hold out as long, making
> success more likely.

Augments don't feel right. The dragonsnail's combat and the tongue's run fast/escape/whatever are both something like equally important, while augmenting means one is only 20% as important as the other. This just doesn't feel right to me.


Graham Robinson

Albion Software Engineering Ltd.

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