Re: Herowars system (was RE: Pirates and Musketeers)

From: stevenmathers_at_...
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 06:40:04 -0000

A lot of the time I find the GM of any system is embroiled in some dramatic situation with the players, and just picks up a random dice to make a secret roll to determine something, then continues on with the narrative, effectively ignoring the game mechanics of whatever game it is. GMs tend to do this almost unconciously because they realize that having to consult page 19, table 3, or roll a dice 4 times applying modifier X is just too damned distracting and time consuming in the middle of a dramatic situation.

Obviously the players cant get away with this kind of behaviour, otherwise I suspect they would do the same.

All this tells me is that most RPG mechanics are way too complex for their own good, HW included.

There is a system called 'the window' which adheres to the 'just pick up a dice and roll it' idea, which I have yet to play, but seems ideal. Has anyone tried this system with HW? Id love to hear how it went.


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