Re: Highlander for HW

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 08:43:50 -0000

The one that can only be killed by McGuffin would (have to) have a high(er) defensive edge to represent the invulnerability. If Connor has "Invulnerable ^14" and the Random Clansman has no defensive edge then a bid of 7 that does a "Lose 2x bid" will cause a grevious wound to the clansman and reducd him to 9AP but leave Connor unscathed (or do you always lose a minimum of 1 AP, I forget...)

> What bothers me is
> how one would show, frex, the damage suffered by McLeod before he
> knew he had this special power; he takes a "fatal" blow, which is
> not in fact fatal. This might be represented by a hefty "arise
> from the dead" type feat, maybe.

Yes, or having been reduced to (below) 0 AP he uses his "Can only be killed by beheading 1W4" to perform a final action and recover his AP's

>As it stands, with Connor vs Random
> Clansman, both with 5w, connors nominal invlunerability only serves
> to oblige the blow in ANY case which he is defeated unto death to
> be beheading; which seems to undermine the significance of the
> ability ion the first place as it is, in fact, no protection.

Well Action Points at or below zero indicate defeat, regardless of the abilities of the hero or how the APs got there - everything else is description! For any character, the blow which defeats them unto death is obliged to be fatal, whether it be beheading, stabbed through the heart, or through the heel etc. Invulnerability is best modelled by preventing the loss of AP's in the first place...

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