RE: Hero Wars Questions (Hero Cults & Devotees)

From: Hibbs, Philip <philip.hibbs_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:37:42 +0100

>Does being a true devotee of a hero
>preclude being a devotee of a god or can a devotee
>of a god also be a devotee of a hero?

As I understand it, a "hero cult" is in many ways a sub-group that worship the god in the same way that the hero did. The hero benefits from this in that the worshippers are re-enacting the hero's actions as well as the god's actions, so both are reinforced. Therefore, I'd conclude that it is possible to be a devotee of a hero and a god. In fact, if you are a devotee of a hero, I'd say you pretty much have to be a devotee of the god - the hero certainly was, and you are emulating him, aren't you?

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