Re: Silly terminology question

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:47:48 -0700

> A typical initiate of the the Tatouth subcult of the Orlanth
> adventurous aspect of Orlanth can be written as "an initate of
> Tatouth Adventurous" and it is nice and easy to say and everybody
> understands. This generally works with all the Orlanth and Ernalda
> sub-cults.

The difference between the O&E subcults and the Humakt/Lhankor Mhy/etc ones is that O&E can mix&match the Subcult and the Aspect, so knowing that someone is a hedkoranthi might not be enough. By default, a Hedkoranthi is Hedkoranth Thunderous, but the person could instead be a follower of Hedkoranth Adventurous (or Allfather). If you follow the "default" aspect for your subcult, you don't even need to specify if it is Adventurous, Thunderous or Allfather (or Healer/Allmother/Queen), as your audience will know. It's only when you "step off the beaten path" that you need (or at least may want) to specify aspect.

In the non-aspected gods there is usually no need to specify what god you follow, as there isn't the same possible ambiguity. When you're a member of a shared subcult like Rigsdal, you might want to specify "Rigsdal, The Eyes of Humakt in the Dark", to distinguish yourself from "Rigsdal, Elmal's Night Watchman" or "Rigsdal Allfather, the Loyal Night-thane of Orlanth"


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