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Roland asked

> Storm Tribe lists three Lhankor Mhy
> scripts, "cat scratching", "dog scratching" and "stone scratching".
> Anyone have any guidelines on assigning difficulties for these as far
> as Reading and Writing? Would you require separate skills for each of
> them? Subskills like the Combat skills have? The same skill but
> increasing difficulty?

Cat scratching and Dog scratching seem totally equivalent to me, like (my perception of) Thai and Korean writing. I actually take them to be parallel evolution (or perhaps devolution).

Stone scratching is said to be more difficult, though this may be because it's only used with the second vocabulary and the Elasa Secrets code.

What I'm not sure I understand is the second vocabulary. This implies different words for everything, which seems very odd. Unless the actual intent is that it's some sort of pictograph system, so you'd have to learn the pictographs and not just the sounds of the word.

> "When my brother was outlawed he traveled all the way to Pralorela, a
> year of walking and hunting, and everyone he met greeted him
> properly." Although this (taken from the "What My Father Told Me"
> article of the Orlanthi section of the website) applies to a country
> that's in the opposite direction, I still like the concept.
> Perhaps I should have included my reasoning. I based my supposition
> about the similarity of Alakoring and Heortling language groups on
> one thing: the Greeting. In my game, I want the players to be able to
> use the Greeting every time they meet other Orlanthi, but I don't
> necessarily want them to always be able to communicate easily.
> The simplest way to handle that is to make the language used in the
> greeting constant; at the very least, the cadence and pacing of the
> ritual words used should be the same. That's where I got my belief.

I always figured there was a magical component, and that the Greeting is very simple.

Or it's something like in the Dark Design series, where you announce "I lay down my weapon" while doing so.

According to Glorantha Book (from the old boxed Glorantha) says that members of the Manirian sub-family can speak at 1/3 the level (and the Praloring is probably from the same sub-family). But talking to a Pelorian subfamily (in which I'd place the Tarshites) is only at 1/10 the level. (Other Alakorings would be Ralians, who have their own subfamily.)

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