Re: Sample Characters - Gormoth Clouddancer

From: Wesley Quadros <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 08:38:25 -0700

This is a character I made for Jeff Richard's Dawn Age campaign. Unfortunately I never got back into town to play it. I don't know how canonical he is with the changes in the shaman rules...


Gormoth Clouddancer is an insightful Kolating shaman of the Odranging Clan. Gormoth treats with the local vadrudi spirits and is a favourite of Valind's children. He wields Odrang's Talking Staff, a spear of great destruction when used against the Solars. Many years of wandering have tempered his hatred of the Evil Emperor and his people for they foully abuse the spirits. His travels have also given him a great knowledge of the lands and tongues of those around the Odranging. Gormoth has integrated a shade, Light Doom, and a vadrudi spirit, Breath-Stealer. Gormoth rides his guardian spirit, Third-Thunder, into battle. Gormoth loves gritty ale.


Keyword: Heortling Culture

        Skill: 13

Physical Abilities: Spear and Shield
Mental Abilities: Erinflarth Geography, Myths: Heortling, Customs: Heortlings
Relationships: Odranging Clan, Worship Storm Pantheon

Keyword: Shaman Occupation

        Skill: 17

Physical: Craft Fetish, Draw Summoning Circle Mental: Kolat Tradition Knowledge, Shamanic Escape, Spirit Combat, Spirit Sight, Spirit World Travel
Personality: Slightly Mad
Relationships: to Followers
Magic: Kolat Tradition

Equipment: 5 fetishes, ritual objects.

Keyword: Kolat Tradition Magic

        Skill: 17

Physical: Build with Snow, Leaping
Mental: Kolat Tradition Knowledge, Myths of Kolat, Sense Change in Weather, Spirit Combat
Fetch: Third Thunder

Pickup Skills:

Insightful			13
Favourite of Valindi spirits 	13
Friendly with Vadrudi spirits	13
Spear: Odrang's Talking Staff ^3 (+6 edge against solars)
Hate Evil Emperor		13
Knowledge of local lands		13
Knowledge of local tongues	13
Talent: Light Doom		13
Talent: Breath Stealer		13

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