Re: Followers

From: Jeff <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:59:21 -0000

> APs can buy you time to apply augmentations. The only extended
> contests in which I have applied many augmentations was when I knew
> had a sizeable AP advantage to absorb the losses while I took
> 'unrelated actions'.

This is a useful thing -- remember, you have no way to determine what your opponent will bid. When you're doing an unrelated action, you can usually defend yourself relatively normally but a loss can hurt you more than the action helped.

That's why its good to make sure you're out of harms way if possible when doing an unrelated action. Oh, and in our game, we usually consider getting out an item doesn't take an action unless its burried in a pack or on someone else's horse (or on your buddy who just got dropped by some terrifying bolt of magic)... Dramatically appropriate being the key.  

> Also, AP transfers are more useful for helping a flagging companion
> than bonuses or edges, in my experience.

This is very, very true! Often the heroes will have a 'champion' who's doing much of the fighting (particularly in a Champion's Battle or when they are taking on the major villian. The rest of the group will loan AP and augment their hero to keep him fighting/debating/ritualing/sheep-tossing/whatever. On reflection, I just realized this mirrors in a small way the sort of defences a community uses when threatened (see 'Morden Defends the Camp').


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