Re: Increasing Wealth

From: ikhurasan_at_...
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:49:55 -0000

> But the thing is, "You see three cows." "I abscond with them at
> considerable velocity." is a lot more descriptively direct and
> evocative than "After your raid on the Venyr clan, and your wise
> investments on the Boldhome futures exchange, you get a net +2
> In this case, abstraction (and funky modelling) is the enemy of
> useful description.

Spot on Alex, all the way through the adventure I describe the cows as 3 cows and the players boast they have stolen 3 cows of the Lonendi. I am never going to say you see a Lonendi herder with +1 to your wealth of cows in the pasture, or how many cows in the barn? Oh about +2.5 to your wealth.
A bit tongue in cheek I know, but all I was asking was whether there is an easy way of translating those 3 cows into a wealth increase for the player, after they have convinced the Clan Dad and cemented them with a HP?


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