Re: Issaries Announcment-Price Tag Too High?

From: stefan.drawert_at_...
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 19:06:34 -0000

 I wouldn't bee *too* cynical - one release a month is a
> pretty punishing schedule for such a small outfit as Issaries, but I
> dont think it's been done lightly.

I didn't mean to sound *too* cynical, for I really look forward for all what has been announced!

*but*, and this may have been discussed to death at the digest or elsewhere, I'd rather prefer to get announcements with actual release dates when the publisher can keep his promises. otherwise I'm starting to get disappointed and there have been a lot of those promises during the last years. [dates/bindings/maps/editing/etc] so, while I agree that there no point in senseless ranting, I think that scepticism is comprehensible and justified by the past. It would be more satisfying IMO to announce one book and release two, than the other way round [and here my english leaves me alone-hope you still get it]

> Of course, there is the cash flow side of producing such a stream of
> product. Which is why we have to go and buy them, join the GTA, get
> our friends playing HW, etc ;-)

I'm working on this! promised...=)

> Sure - big battalions. WotC can afford huge print runs, etc and has
> so many different lines that it can wait for profits. Issaries can't.

I wasn't thinking of WoTC but of Privateer Press or Green Ronin or the new Talislanta.... But they [exclude Tal] are doing scenarios, so maybe it's not valid to compare. just had a glance at the back of the fantastic "King Of Spring" for the gorgeous Agone-RPG and it's 13.95$ for 64 pages, so this may not be as high as I initially thought...

Trust me, Greg is not getting rich
> on the back of Issaries, and last time I heard, Steve hadn't yet been
> assigned a company jet...

thanks for clearing things, I wasn't quite sure about the jet =)

who didn't mean to be rude or cynic! sorry if so...

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