Re: Increasing Wealth

From: MCGINNESS, Stephen <mcginnesss_at_...>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 11:28:26 +0100

I've been reading all of the stuff about wealth increases and there are a few aspects that I think people have been missing. Obviously I have a very poor grasp of how some of the game numbers work and so I'll put forward my ideas and allow people to hammer game stuff.

As the wealth confers a characters credit-worthiness as well as immediate cash there are things what should be taken into consideration relating to the characters background.

Under normal circumstances, no character should be able to have a wealth rating higher than the community with which he is associated. As much wealth depends on the clan cattle herd then that makes sense? As a character grows wealthy then he is either appropriating a greater proportion of the clan wealth or the clan is growing wealthy too.

This knocks on to the Tribe, as one clan grows wealthy then it must be appropriating a greater proportion of the Tribal wealth etc.

As in all systems there must be some negative feedback to this. The increase in wealth shouldn't really be resisted by the amount of wealth being added but by the proportional increase of the new wealth level compared to, for example, the clan wealth. Time for an example?

Offir has come up with an idea to sell God-Tokens that have icons of the Orlanth pantheon. Kids can play flipping games with them and can collect the whole set. It is popular and he wants to cement the wealth it attracts.

In this case Offir's wealth increase is likely to be from 10w to 15w.

If the clan's wealth is 10w3 and not increasing then he is looking at being resisted (economically of course and in a non-specific way) by half the clan (35/70) and should have an appropriate penalty on his attempt to cement his wealth.

This penalty would increase as his proportionate increase rises and so it becomes ever more difficult to increase your wealth, unless your personal wealth becomes based upon something greater, such as the tribe or kingdom or whatever...

Would this work? It means that personal wealth is very much associated with the community in which you live and you might have to outgrow that community.

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