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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 07:11:55 -0700

David Boatright wrote

> >They are not including the Farmer or Herder keywords for instanace. Any
> >narrator worth his salt can come up with such bystanders readily, IMHO.
> This is retconning at its worst. So Orlanth is no longer a farmer.
> I thought we had got past the
> time when all farmers where grubby little peasant NPC's and PC's
> sit on their fat behinds taxing
> their followers when they are not off adventuring.

Hmm, I don't recall Orlanth the Farmer in RuneQuest. Perhaps "retcon" doesn't mean what I thought (or is this a non-naff retcon?).

The Hero Wars rules don't have all the keywords (occupational or religious) for the Heortling culture. Since a Heortling book is planned, why is this a surprise?

It's true that the game takes a bias towards hero bands and against clans and farmers, but that too will likely be remedied by a Heortling book -- it's a lot easier to explain how to run clan adventures when you have more space.

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