Re: HW as a concept and wealth

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:29:51 -0000

> I don't think so. We do in fact realise that HW has this approach,
> thank you very much.


>> That means you can not really apply the techniques we are used from
>> other roleplayingrules.
> Well, I would certainly agree with that,
> but then again I knew it already thanks !


> > In the case of wealth and costratings ,you must understand that
> > wealth is a symbol for the state of your wealth,not a nominal
> > indicator of how much money or goods you have.
> Yes I know : it represents among other things your credit, your
> social stature, and basically your ability to obtain what you need
> and what you want.

but then goes on

> I don't see how the presence of such rules (and we're actually
>talking here about changes to the existing rules, not pages and
>pages of charts, tables, and mathematical orthodoxy ; for zero net
>increase to the complexity and number of pages in HW devoted to
>rules) could possibly ruin the game for people who don't care about
>such things anyway ("You find a torc : Great ! +1 Wealth !" <move
>along to more interesting things>)

which seems to be missing the whole point. HW Wealth =/= Gold. You not only can't say "A torc = +1 Wealth" because of the nonlinearity  of the Wealth rating (so a torc will represent a different value to a Sticpicker and a Tribal King) but because your wealth is not just the sum of all the torc's you possess. If you start inventing "side rules" to add up wealth outside of the normal method of increasing abilities then where do you end? Do you no longer have to cement magic items? ("you find a sword with a +8 edge: Great! I'll add it to my Character sheet!"). If you specify you are training in a sskill do you get the points automatically....

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