Dropping the APs

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 17:12:36 EDT

James Turner:

<<This may be a stupid question but....

For those saying that the extended contest rules for combat take too long. Have you tried increasing the amount you bid?>>

     Certainly that tends to reduce the number of rounds the combat takes, but it still leaves unresolved the other weaknesses I perceive in the AP system. Assuming you can persuade people to bid high when it would be in their character's interest to drag a fight out by bidding low (you may know its going to be boring, but its difficult to resist when the option is there)...

David Bell:

<<There appears to be a headlong rush to design RQ5 >>

     Not that I've noticed. Tinker with HW, yes, but that's hardly the same thing.

<< The AP system isn't (for us) a problem. >>

     Good; I'm sure many other people will like it, too. But that doesn't mean everyone will, and it would be fairly silly for those who don't to endure it if we can make something that works better for us.


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